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crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - Native Brotli Support

crVCL PHP Framework now supports native Brotli.
With Brotli, Google has developed a software that is a real alternative to Gzip and Deflate by compressing websites stronger and offering better latency, see


Elasticsearch Indexer for Python

Elasticsearch Indexer for Python can help you to add documents or
database records from MySQL (MariaDB) via Python Version >= 3.6  to ES Index (Elasticsearch).

You can easy run this Python code as background process via a Cronjob or AWS Lambda .

New version now support also to add JSON strings from database directly to Elasticsearch, see


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - WebP On-Demand Support

Added a nice code sample for WebP on-demand support, this code deliver a better compressed WebP file instead of JPG or PNG, see

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